Ponda Baba Star Wars Merk Shirt (Men's, Small)


Merk Shirts! I do these one time order shirts i call Merk Shirts. I post the design & it's orderable for a week, after that week, it's taken down & never available again. This is NOT one of those. This sucker is available on this site until i get bored with it. "Ponda Baba" is of course from the cantina scene in the first movie. The text says 'He doesn't like you' above his head, & 'I don't like you either' below. I've got some of these in stock again and can do more if necessary. It's on a heathered blue shirt with the design on the front. Available in men's sm-XXL $25.00+HST+shipping (if you're a tbay local, the shipping is free... well it's me driving to your house and putting it in your mailbox).